Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Commodore Clegg to the Bubble-up!

The wind kicked up a bit last Thursday, but not so much to prevent a little trip to the Utah Lake. My brother Shane fished while I took a can of oysters with me on my boat, the Seagull, for a cruise... or row rather. The Seagull is one of three (rubber) vessels in my fleet.
This is the season for Shane and I. About this time of year, the white bass start spawning and for as long as I've been here, the best place to capitalize on that has been the "Bubble-up" near the old cooling ponds of (the late) Geneva steel mill. I'm not really a fisherman, and have never got as excited about it as enthusiasts like my brother, but I've always loved being here on or in this lake, and the Utah Lake is the only place that I've ever come fishing by myself.
Sometimes, I'll bring one of my rafts out here at night, tie a rope with a bag of rocks and anchor myself, then I'll just lie here floating and listening to the birds. I'll bring an audio book on an mp3 player or take a nap. I'll look at the black surface of the lake and imagine a glowing castle emanating the soft glimmer of lights, and the distant music of amusement and roller coasters. I imagine the reflection of night time firework shows and lovers holding hands in their light. And when night falls and the people return to their homes, the quiet darkness of the lake will resume.

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