Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Kiwanis Creature

Mt. Timpanogas from the Utah Lake
Almost everyone Utah Valley knows the legend of Timpanogas, but I do not speak of Indian maidens today...no. Today I speak of a strange beast known as the Kiwanis Creature.

Pleasant Grove was originally known as Battle Creek, commemorating a skirmish between settlers and Indians. But the name was changed, and the "G" on the mountain stands for the "Grove" in its name. Now I will direct your attention to that "G" and ask you to follow a path down and right to the base of the hill, where, there is a little pavilion over Kiwanis Park, hence the creature's name.
You see, after the tragedy of Battle Creek, the ghosts of those natives who perished were ill at ease and said to wander the city of trees seeking revenge. Hearing their anguish and taking pity on them, a monstrous guardian of the land came up from his hiding place deep in the mountain and promised to take their rancor onto himself if they would but be calmed a pass on to the next world. Now the Kiwanis Creature roams Battle Creek and claims victims from the descendants of those who brought pain and misery onto native peoples of the land.
His body is like that of a man's, but his shoulders and head are that of a great stag. He wanders in the shadows waiting to inflict vengeance upon those that encroach upon his territory. 
Beware the Kiwanis Creature!

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