Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Orem City

Brittany and I in front of grandpa's house

That spot as it stands today
I find this city to be completely beautiful, convenient, and nostalgic. My earliest memories of Orem come from the sorrowful time after my father Kerry died in storm at sea, off the coast of California. We returned to Orem to live with my dear grandfather and namesake, Vaughn. In those days, this quaint spot on quiet little 800 South was grandpa's small farm. I used to get in trouble for sneaking out and playing with the pig or the goose near the pond. UVU was still a small trade school across the way and Vineyard elementary was a brown brick school down the road. Today, UVU is a full fledged university and I now walk across a soccer field that was once a pond I fished in to arrive at the UVU education building adapted from the school where I attended K-6, and cross the sidewalk where I remember learning to tie my shoes in front of UVU's school college and university partnership building which used to be the house I grew up in. This is the city where I want to build the Lunar Island. I may leave from time to time and travel to other states and countries across the world, but I will always return home to Orem, Utah.

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