Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Utah Lake

an image of the Utah Lake from
If you ask the average resident of Orem what their opinion of the Utah Lake is, the answer will not usually be so enticing. The Utah Lake Watch describes it as the victim of waste, litter, treated sewage, household chemicals, oils, toxins, heavy industry metals, pathogens, sediments, and runoff from grazing livestock. There are also rumors of a hybrid Piranha introduced at some point! The water is naturally shallow and thus somewhat turbid. But... it's beautiful! If you've ever been along the shore on an October morning and witnessed the calm waters reflecting the lavender mountains that watch over the lake, you'll know what I mean. Now, I'm not going to go and take a drink of the water, but I adore how the lake looks, sounds, and feels. And every time I drive down University Parkway, I admire its unique beauty. I also look out and see on an island waiting to be built, a gleaming white castle crowning the lake and beckoning visitors. The Lunar Island. It is part of my dream to draw people back to the water, to pass over the lush marsh that lines its coast, and crown the city. I want to bring people closer to appreciate it, and hopefully to in turn encourage them to participate in projects to further clean and protect it.

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