Saturday, May 28, 2011

The White Fenrir of Utah Lake

Late on a cloudy night in the late summer of 2001, Dax Fossum and I were having a discussion in the street at 15-- W. 860 S. in Orem. We were about to part when we heard a sound from the north that sounded unlike anything we had ever heard before. If pressed to compare the sound, I would cross it between a baby crying and a didgeridoo. It sounded about 60% biological and 40% mechanical. Needless to say, we were horrified, too much so to investigate the ghostly sound. I drove directly home and locked the doors behind me.

Fast forward 3 years. Dax and I were back at the same place, playing a board game with Steven and Andrew Walters along with Scott Bouche. Somehow, our discussion turned to our childhoods in Springwater Park, and Steven began telling us of a very strange encounter he had experienced with Shane Romrell, Stephen Jolley, and Cameron Johnson about a half-mile west. The boys were exploring an undeveloped field one afternoon when from the distance, the weeds began to shake and part before the path of a rapidly approaching creature of some sort. It was about the size of a large dog, and they were able to make out white fur above the grass. The boys were unsure what to make of the approaching beast but when it emitted a peculiar sound, they were filled with terror and immediately fled with all haste. Steven said only that the sound was difficult to describe until stumbling upon a reasonably close simulation in a Mars Volta album. Scott happened to have the particular album in his car, and played for us the following sample as directed by Steven:

Though not a perfect reproduction, the sound was close enough to be certain that the noise we both heard on separate occasion and with separate witnesses was the same. So, my fellow adorers of the Utah Lake and its lovely environs, I warn you now, that guarding it is a creature, most fearsome and marvelous. Beware the White Fenrir of Utah Lake!

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