Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the Blood

More flow and scatter with deeper roots in the soil of Orem. Trafalga Family Fun Center in Orem has changed a lot over the years, new management, new branches... but in its earliest beginnings, the Cleggs were there. Vaughn Clegg, my grandfather, Bill and Morris, his brothers, and Kyle Johnson began in a joint venture to build a fun park in Orem, not far from Clegg's car care and Vaughn's old house on center street. It was a different time and much of the structure was built by hand, my uncles busy with shovels in the summer sun.
They built an indoor miniature golf course and two outdoor and just kept building. The last project my grandpa was involved in was the water slide. A batting cage, and race track were later constructed and portions of ownership were sold until today, the Cleggs have fully withdrawn.
There was and still is some untapped potential in the place, but that was the dream of my fathers. Though it's still inside me to bring smiles to the people of the Utah Valley, I have a different idea about how to go about it, and The Lunar Island will be a far more involving experience than you might find with bumper boats or mini golf. When I hear people criticize the state of Trafalga as is, I close my eyes and nod... just wait a while. Believe and wait.

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