Friday, June 3, 2011

The Lunar Barge

There are many features to my dream of The Lunar Island. That's the pleasure of this blogging business I suppose, that it comes in little bursts of passion, one little piece of the collage at the time. Well tonight's puzzle piece is something I have dreamed about for eight years now. You've all seen or been on one of these, yes?
Ferries will be an important part of the logistics of the Lunar Island. I've mentioned them before. I want parking lots far enough away from our island that the asphalt environment of the American modern world can be forgotten for a little while. The bridge that leads to it will be a foot path with grass lining its length and midnight blue flags, streamers with the white orb of the moon at their center, soothing the eye on even the brightest summer day, and bidding welcome with a cooling atmosphere. One will leave the harsh desolation of cement, metal, and rubber to walk across the lovely bridge, or enjoy a leisurely ferry cruise to literally and emotionally bridge the passage in a truer immersion into a brief respite from reality.
But even that is not the part of the dream I wish to address right now. This one is a bit more indulgent. The 8 year dream of which I speak is of my future home... the Lunar Barge! Since the first time I rode in a vehicle ferry, I have wanted to make my own use of the very broad flat surface area. My plan is to line the base of one of these craft with a bed of grass. I want chickens and a goat. My house will be adapted to the cabin above, but the base of my barge will be a yard proper, with a walled vegetable garden, a flowerbed, and a swinging porch chair. And of course, it will float upon the lovely Utah Lake. Unfortunately, these metal mammoths are very expensive; I will invite you, my friends to enjoy sweet pig and painafel, bards' tales and poetry, comfort and companionship with me on the barge, but you'll have to wait 25 years or so before I'll be ready for you to collect. Stay young and hold on to your sense of wonder at least until then.

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