Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Power Surge

Because I grew up adjacent to it, because I attend university where the building now stands, and because my own grandfather once raised crops on the land where it was constructed, I have plenty to say about my grade school experience at Vineyard Elementary. I do not want, however, to neglect the important part that another place played in the formation of what I now am.
Lakeridge Junior High.
Middle School creates an interesting time for everyone, but I was more fortunate than most, I think, in finding friends, interests, and good memories at Lakeridge. And it had a very fitting name, both for its location, and for the future of the Lunar Island.
In commemoration of this episode of my youth overlooking the Utah Lake, I uploaded a video to youtube that encapsulates some of the fiction we enjoyed in those unforgettable days.
I present to you, "The Power Surge."


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