Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dogfight

The airplane ride...through the rotating gate, you run toward your favorite plane. Climb in the seat and the ride starts. It's just like an airfight's about to begin. I remember the dogfight ride at theme parks, and a lot of people claim it as one of their favorites, all for the same reason--because you get to control the rudder and direct your own movement.
The freedom of the airplane ride, however limited, combined with the excitement of imagining yourself really soaring through the clouds in a fight for your life...well that's what it's about.
But oh, how much sweeter it could be.
Lightning Wally, the pirate boss of the clouds has infiltrated our protected skies. Captain Kale needs your help! Captain Kale, with a big mascot head featuring a leather helmet and goggles narrates. But then, so much bettter--your fighter is equipped with a classic crank machine-gun and a laser tag duel from your airplanes ensues. Now you're not just pulling that rudder to move for moving's sake. You're running for your life, and trying to shoot down as many of your enemies as you can, carefully aiming your machine-gun's beam at their vital target sensors on other planes all around the rotating ring.
The ride complete, you scan your barcode bracelet, and in so doing, log your success for the stat readout at day's end, and receive the digital key of Captain Kale's badge of bravery for your courage in battle...after all, how else would the knight in charge of the dueling jousters of the interactive merry-go-round know that you have what it takes to join the brotherhood?

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