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Monday, July 11, 2011

Frankenstein read by Caden Vaughn Clegg

Finally complete and up!
The only thing to compare with writing your own novel is reading or hearing one of your old favorites. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has long been one of my favorite novels. The passion and tragedy have always been moving to me. Naturally when I learned about librivox, I went first to Frankenstein to hear the old favorite read for me in an audio book. I had planned to take the file with me on a motorcycle ride and actually did, but I was disappointed to discover that the chapters were read by different volunteers, and though some of them performed excellent readings, the loss in continuity was, I felt, confusing and an unfair rendering of this fine classic.
So I took it upon myself to correct this, and the result may be heard at:


  1. I'm listening to your reading of Frankenstein right now, and I felt the need to say thank you! I love your voice. And the quality. Fabolous!

    I really like librivox, but as you mention, the quality is unfortually not all through great. It's sad, really, because the story is the one that has to suffer.

  2. Thanks Emma,
    That warms my heart. Next up is The Iliad. I plan to finish by the end of September.
    Happy listening to you~

  3. I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a fantastic job on reading Shelley's "Frankenstein." You have a great voice and the enthusiasm with which you read at some points really brought a new life to one of my old favorites!

    Can't wait to hear The Iliad (another favorite!!).

  4. Thank you~ means a lot to me. I should say though... I've been keeping up on it and "Magister," who apparently taught the Iliad for 20 years, is doing a reading right now that sounds really great. I've decided to pass the torch since July 18th and have resolved instead to record an audio version of my own novels, The Lunar Post Office and The Calamity of the Moon. I'll post my progress here on the blog.^^

  5. Thank you for the recording! I enjoyed you on the creature's sections especially. I hope you do more of these recordings; you have a good voice for it.

  6. I have only recently discovered LibriVox myself, and have fallen in love. I want to personally thank you for your reading of Frankenstein, which I just downloaded, and am already finding quite enjoyable. Keep up the great work; it is sincerely appreciated.

  7. What a small world. I just came across your recording of this awesome book and after looking up your website I see you're in Utah Valley! That's where I did my undergraduate degree at UVU. Since then I've moved to CT for graduate school. You did such a great job with this novel and I have enjoyed listening to your portrayal of all the characters. I happened to sample a few other readings I found online and yours is definitely the best. Well done! And thanks to the image you have on this page I was able to discover the artwork of Bernie Wrightson! Thanks for everything!