Friday, July 1, 2011

Mini Bumper Galleons

I lived in Daejeon, South Korea in 2007, and will soon be returning for about a year, so naturally I've been ruminating on my experiences and thinking about things I'll miss, and things I'm looking forward to.  I would often go for bike rides along the Gapcheon river, but I remember one particular Saturday when I spotted a man and his son cheering in the distance. I rode closer and discovered that they were flying a remote control airplane. He landed the craft upon seeing my curiosity and showed me how it worked. I was amazed to find out that he had built it himself! He told me about an upcoming competition, and a few Saturday mornings later, I watched the expert remote pilots perform their aerial maneuvers and deftly land on tiny platform placed before the judging panel.

I've always admired these things. From my earliest youth, playing with boats in the bathtub and making paper airplanes with my brother brought the world to life and made me taste a drop of godhood. Remote control games will be an important part of the Lunar Island. One that I have long desired to create is this: Mini Bumper Galleons:
The idea is this. Each galleon, 2-3 feet long is equipped with a small motor, a pump, a bilge, trigger targets, and a waterproof speaker. So around the pool you guide your plodding craft. The sounds of a captain shouting orders and men scurrying to fulfill them issue from the speaker. You "load cannons" remotely as the pump draws water from the pool, then you get your opponent where you want them and unleash a broadside. When you hit the targets with a well aimed squirt, the bilge of your enemy's ship fills with water until its limits are reached. It then partially sinks, the motor shuts off and the speaker emits the sounds of disaster!

The stats of the battle are stored in the remote at the piloting station where the player transfers them to their bar code park entrance bracelet for the final report that will come at the end of the day. Fight for the win, or toy around and squirt that cute girl as she tries to pilot her boat. Make some more memories and take them back to the world with you.

Mini Bumper Galleons are waiting only to be made, and though an airplane dog-fighting game of the same type would be much more complex, dangerous, and expensive, I'm working on it.

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