Saturday, July 16, 2011

Spearmen of the Lake

The Utah Lake is a beautiful place if viewed properly. Its wide arrangement of waterfowl and songbirds complement the mountain vistas and marshland...but the turbid waters of my homeland and also home to foul piscine indeed... the common carp. No shimmering colorful scales here. The scarred misshapen armor of the carp looks quite like a mutation in most cases. The huge lazy fish lumber around the lake, overeating, over-defecating, and just going around being plain ugly. But the good people of Utah Valley aren't about to let these fiends consume our lake's bounty:

As you can see, the work of purging these nasty beasts is no easy task, and this commercial netting project began only recently. In the past, people would often take to the lake with makeshift spears to hunt the carp and remove them from the lake. They would then collect them in a bucket and use them as garden fertilizer. I too took up a spear and went a few times. I don't particularly like hunting or fishing, but there's something primal in spearing a fish that resounds in maleness, isn't there? Slowly stalking the reeds, spotting the dense stupid face unaware...coiling...then strike! Know thy place, fish!

I'm just reporting a memory of my childhood on the lake is all, but I am very supportive of programs to clean the lake and preserve its diversity and health. With the Lunar Island I hope to contribute to revitalizing the lake in every way possible.

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