Friday, October 7, 2011

Dream House #2

I discussed the Lunar Barge in a previous entry. Ideally, I would eventually like to eat my meals and take my slumber there. But I do have a fantasy for life on land as well. Naturally it would involve bringing the sea with me. What I want to do is first to get a really tall warehouse. We have a two foot deep pool of water for the floor. Then we have every room of the 'house' built on independent steel stilts 6-12 feet above the pool with a network of catwalks connecting them. On the roof? Of course gardens. I just can't resist the appeal of boats on pools within roofed buildings. Boxes inside boxes. Perhaps this stems from my love of action figures and playsets? Perhaps it's just one more step past ninja turtle diving expeditions in the bathroom sink.
Caught red handed with my makeshift paradise on my 9th floor apartment building several years back.
I later bought several trees with which to surround the pool, played 'sounds of the jungle' and conducted tours for my fortunate guests.

And interior? Don't know. As much as I like art, my aesthetic sense has an ugly efficiency to it. Given my way, rooms quickly go from modern chic to wire covered, glowing electric technology Turkish bazaar. As long as any given space has an entrance through which I can pass through standing facing forward  claustrophobia doesn't really happen. Clutter is cozy and electronic clutter is coziest if you know how to balance the high and low density areas of your house. I also don't recommend any of this if you lack the intellectual/social prowess to win opposite gender company unaided by external compensation.
An old bedroom/spaceship. Type lying supine with vertical surround sound. Cut memory foam pillows in half to cushion your bony elbows, watch a documentary on one device which you read its script on another and write report on a third.
I base a lot of my ideas on this notion that the prefabricated world as wonderful as it is, still leaves much to be desired and that people can and should try to redesign their own circles. I'm all for the creation of new and unusual traditions and holidays, I sing praises to someone who builds their house in a solar dome or converted barn. Three cheers to the New York rooftop beekeepers and European seed bombers and micronations. A trophy to the family that writes and performs a song together instead of watching television and a blue ribbon to couples who don't make it to the movie after dinner because they get sidetracked making a claymation video out of their mashed potatoes and gravy.

The reason why the Utah Lake is so much healthier and full of life than the Great Salt Lake is because the Utah Lake takes what it receives from the Provo River and rainfall and generates a return through the Jordan River. The Great Salt Lake only consumes and the result is a vast shiny pool of lazy saline death. 

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